PTA at Cherry Park

Cherry Park PTA is a group of parents and guardians that provides support and resources for the school. Our mission is to enhance learning opportunities for our children through family oriented events at Cherry Park Elementary.


5:30-6:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month.  These meeting will be held virtually and you can contact the school prior in order to receive the link.

The PTA provides:

• The opportunity for every student at Cherry Park to attend a yearly FIELD TRIP at no cost.
• Teachers with ENRICHMENT MONEY for the purchase of additional classroom supplies and projects.
• The WISH LIST program for teachers who need additional funding for items in their classroom.
• SOCIAL EVENTS to connect with the school and community. (Will continue when covid restrictions lift)
• POPCORN FRIDAYS – the first Friday of every month. (Will continue when covid restrictions lift)

The PTA has two primary fundraisers: our yearly READ-A-THON in the fall, and our JOG-A-THON in the spring.

Why Should You Join PTA?

• For the right to VOTE on how PTA money is raised and spent in your school.
• HELPING the PTA is a great way to become familiar with Cherry Park Staff and other parents.
• PTA MEETINGS can help you learn more about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.
• Coupon for Buy one/Get one free ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins.

Get involved with the PTA by clicking here.

We look forward to another wonderful year at Cherry Park. Remember you can join the PTA at any time, it’s $10 to join and every dollar is much appreciated.