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If you have a Cherry Park experience to share, please email principal Barker at kate_barker@ddouglas.k12.or.us

 I LOVE all that you’re doing for the community. From the crazy amount of school supplies to the constant stream of communication… all I see on Facebook are people complaining, moms who are frustrated and I just can’t help but think that maybe most schools aren’t as attentive as you guys are. That has not been my experience, both when my older child was there years ago and now my son in Kinder. Sure, times are trying and it’s not ideal but I just wanted to make sure you got an email that said thank you for all your hard work. I think Cherry Park is exemplary in many ways. – Sarah Fletcher

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“Staff at Cherry Park (led by Kate Barker) has been especially helpful to me.  I feel so fortunate to be in a district that supplements distance learning with awesome consumable learning supplies. Also, the staff has gone above and beyond to make sure the food boxes have quality produce, dairy, and bread that makes getting groceries way more affordable. This makes me feel like my children are valued and invested in-academically and nutritionally. Also, shout out to the teachers for being the best teachers/support system my kids could have during this time. You are amazing.” – Carol Acree

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“As a parent of a fourth grader at Cherry Park Elementary School, I appreciate the community that has been created to help our kids and our families to succeed.  The teamwork that I see daily is remarkable:  parents, the administrator, the counselor, staff, and especially the teachers are all coming together to ensure quality education that meets the needs of the individual, while building a community of children who work together with respect for each other.

Our PTA chapter is very active, looking at ways to improve the learning environment through fundraising efforts that provide much needed tools that the normal school budget cannot afford. Equally important, are the community building activities that our PTA organizes.  Getting families involved in our school helps children succeed at and value education.

The feeling of welcome that I have experienced at Cherry Park is something that I am proud to share with newer families as they join us.  Every child matters, and every family is important.” – Jennifer Butler-Brown

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My name is Emily Hawk and I am a mom to a first grader, fourth grader and fifth grader at Cherry Park. I am also an active Cherry Park PTA member. Cherry Park has been an amazing elementary school (and family!) for my children. Every single teacher that we have had over the years has been instrumental in fostering a love of learning in my children. The positive reinforcement has been such a great model for discipline and redirection. The staff at Cherry Park, including the principal, counselor, teachers, secretaries and assistants, are all dedicated individuals who are in the education field because they have a calling! It is clear that everyone at this school loves their job and more importantly, loves my kiddos! We look forward to the start of the school year because it means that we are reuniting with our family. My kids are known and loved at Cherry Park. I wouldn’t change their elementary school experience for anything. It has been more than I ever hoped for. We love Cherry Park!! -Emily Hawk

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Kate Barker and ALL the staff at Cherry Park School have welcomed myself, children and family with open arms. I am continually surprised at their positive attitudes towards all the children and families even, given the challenges of such great diversity. The teachers are are just loving and brilliant and pay great attention to each child’s individual needs. I feel so fortunate that my children and myself are able to be a part of such a wonderful community of educators. Simply put, Cherry Park Elementary is Outstanding!!​ -Sean Norton​

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We feel lucky to have been a part of the Cherry Park community during our son’s first years in school. I have been able to help out in the classrooms each year and have witnessed first-hand how great the teachers are. They do amazing work with each kid, regardless of their learning ability or their home situation. They truly care and they show it. It has been a great experience.