Early Childhood Visitations

Once a month we invite visitors to learn about our preschool, kindergarten and first grade program.  What is unique about Cherry Park’s preschool, kindergarten and first grade are that we are one hundred percent inclusive. This means we accept all children despite their unique abilities. We know that students that are typically excluded from the general education settings lack positive behavior as well as peer and adult connections so our number one goal is to strategically create experiences to develop students who are socially engaged and appropriate. Our model teaches peers (our three to seven-year-old students) to be interventionists (or coaches) because we know that it is the students (not the staff) who will be promoted through the grade levels.

We use visuals, routines, peer modeling and explicitly taught social skills to build classroom skills, social competence, and peer to peer empathy. We set the stage for social situations that allow children to see each other as people first. We give children opportunities to help each other to access the classroom and curriculum, and we allow all the children to lead and teach.

We will start off our morning together with a brief presentation by our principal, Kate Barker. She will set the stage for what to look for during your visit. If possible, we’d like to tailor your visit to fit your needs. We can arrange visitors to just spend the morning in our preschool or just in kindergarten and first grade. However, what past visitors have found helpful is to spend a little time in preschool, kindergarten and first grade to see the progression and different styles of the teachers. Our program is aligned with teaching strategies, routines and schedule, but you may see slight differences in each classroom. 

Please click on the link to schedule your visitation: