Stories with Friends

Join us for a virtual after-school program for kids in kindergarten, first, and second grades, featuring: 1-2 longer books read aloud to the group, time to talk about the book(s) and ask questions, book recommendations for emerging readers, social time to talk, tell stories, and share, and occasional guest readers.

Family Cafe

We are excited to launch a new collaborative learning opportunity with our families! Family Cafe is an opportunity to partner with our families in learning together and sharing ways to support our students’ educational success. This monthly event is focused on capitalizing on our strengths, making a difference for our DDSD community, and…

Food Pantries

Food Boxes Available Every Monday from 3:45pm to 5:15pm and Wednesday from 2:15pm to 3:15pm.  

Cherry Park Spotlight

Ms. Callaway Mrs. Jhonson Mrs. Allen Ms. Grewe Mrs. O’Brien Mrs. Boase Mrs. Martinez Mrs. Latta Mr. Riggs Mrs. Shaffer Mr. Soule Ms. Burke Mrs. Vitale Mrs. Ramert Ms. Yates Mr. Adams Mrs. Chantiny